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Master Woo aka Stevie Dee, will be attending Vision this year and bringing both of his series for you to enjoy! Each purchase will receive a yellow sack and bookmarks. Research in the books the reason for the color yellow!

THE MACGREGOR SERIES. Set in a mining village in central Lancashire, England, in 1976, this story is about Hamish MacGregor, a working-class lad from Balloch, a Lochside village in Scotland. Surrounded by those who cultivated the ‘old ways’ and reared on the stories of his heritage. Hamish has no pretensions concerning his placement among the echelons of English society, that is, until he is introduced to a world beyond his wildest dreams.

This story begins with his decision to meet a woman named Stephanie from an advert reading, ‘Little girl wants Daddy for spankings.’ What starts as one little girl becomes two, and these women love him to distraction, desiring nothing but his control in every aspect of their lives. The more he demands, the more their relationships thrive, with dire consequences should his requests go denied.

Joined by his childhood friend Scottish John from the shores of Loch Lomond, these boys are a force to be reckoned with. Pairing street-smart and savvy boys with two ladies from English society's highest echelon, they embark on renovating a series of mills in Ancoats, Manchester. Together with his girls at his side, Hamish takes on the task of building a Clan of his own. A Clan is made up of very different people from varying nationalities and echelons of society.

Join the MacGregor family in their attempt to create a Clan based on the old ways. They intend to have the name MacGregor which was once outlawed, regain its rightful place among the highest echelons of British society. A Clan that takes care of their own, no matter what or who stands in their way!

The Gisburn Hall Series. Stevie Dee's second series, a new novella collection that continues with the same depth of magic, colorful characters, and passionate romance found in the authors’ highly successful and entertaining novel series, The MacGregor Series. Follow Baden’s 17th-century adventure as he struggles to adapt to a new life. Without a computer or electricity, will the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? Can Baden succeed where old magic has failed?

Woo and Redfire are excited to announce they will also be bringing copies of The Leatherboy Handbook and The BDSM and Leather Handbook by renowned author and Leatherman Vince Andrews. 

All books will be sold at a discounted rate to attendees of the event. 

Team Dungeon

Our mission is to actively promote and enhance our community by providing safe and welcoming play spaces for all and to encourage community involvement by supporting educational events. 


Team Dungeon was founded on the back of Leather ideals. Our word is our bond. We are firm believers in inclusivity and will not tolerate such things as:




We believe in being true to ourselves and each other. We expect our members and volunteers to act appropriately at all times as we are all representing Team Dungeon.



Facebook: Penguinafterdark

Instagram: @peguinafterdark

Fetlife: Penguinafterdark

Twitter: @penguinafterdrk



Beyond Piercing

Based in Colorado since 2006, we offer unique and sadistic medical products, along with the know-how to get you started. Leo has over a decade of experience with needle and medical play, and is passionate about education and sharing his passion with others, from curious newbies to seasoned sadists.

Our mission is to arm you with the tools and knowledge to create successful, satisfying scenes. BP offers ready-made play kits and a variety of specialty items. We pride ourselves in offering in date, quality products.

Pans Haven

Established December 2017, Pan's Haven is a privately owned and operated kinky company located in East Texas.

Pan's Haven specializes in body safe wax play candles in two temperature lines and a variety of colors. Choose from Primary, UV Reactive, and the brand new Liquid Metals colors to bring your wildest fantasies to life.

With our hand carved wooden knives, you’ll have a wonderful combination to tantalize and tease.

Looking for something hotter? Try our Blaze Rods for fleshing, fire cupping, or fire moussing.

If these are too hot for you, let us help you design and build a custom furniture piece for all your kinky needs.

Events you may find us at! We are still confirming dates so watch for updates!


I am a small business craftsman who transforms raw materials into beautiful, unique pieces. I really enjoy making fun and classic things. But let's be honest i really love using odd materials that make people's head turn. Custom work is my joy. If you have an idea send me a message and let's make something together.

Twisted Rose Toys

Twisted Rose's roots began in 2020, born from a need for something better than what could be found at a novelty store, without breaking the bank.

Most store bought toys will fall apart if actually used, and we found it all too common that most of the more durable toys we could find were prohibitively expensive. It all started with a very simple flogger made from nothing but paracord, however the floppy handle was a real downer, so from there the ideas began to flow. We wanted to create something as bulletproof and indestructible as we could make it, with a bit of weight behind it, something a little different from the normal paracord floggers you see all over the place. It worked out wonderfully and everyone that held it or used it wanted one. So we began making them for friends. From there the ideas for improvements, different materials to use, and different toys began to flow. We are constantly coming up with new designs, new toy ideas, and new and creative materials to experiment with. We are very excited to be branching out into utilizing more new materials all the time. We are happy to make anything that might tickle your fancy, or if you have an idea, we may be able to bring it to fruition. Or if something more bespoke and tailor made is more your style, we will gladly take custom orders.

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