Copy of Ursus

Ursus is a leather daddy bootblack who won South Central Community Bootblack in 2020. He is pansexual and married to his lovely wife Laurel. He has been kinky for over two decades and enjoys single tails, needles, floggers, paddles, and rough body play, not to mention bootblacking. The love, history, and sexyness that others' leather shows him, turns him on and drives him in his pursuit of bootblacking. A jockstrap sommelier, and has been doing piercings for over 20 years in and out of tattoo shops across Texas, but now tends to focus on the play side of needles. When not bootblacking or at leather events, Ursus enjoys tabletop RPGs, board games, and disc golf, not to mention annoying those around him with obscure movie quotes.


Reverse suspension : Hanging things from people

Not everyone is up for being lifted off the ground during a scene. However, the sensation of being pulled and tugged upon can still be achieved without leaving the floor. Through clamps, clips, staples, needles, hooks, and other fun supplies, we can hang different weights off the body to create new and interesting sensations! Class participation is encouraged (but not required)

Erotic Bootblacking

Bootblacking can be made sexy by doing more than just licking boots. Sitting in the stand doesn't have to just be sitting back and letting someone love on your leathers. From exotic and erotic ways to pull out a shine, to fun and distracting methods to wash and condition garments, this class focuses on heavy sexual play while bootblacking.

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