Sirena and Kitty

Sirena and Mischief Kitty

Sirena(they/them) and Kitty(she/they) first crossed paths at the DFW Dungeon in 2019. 

Sirena's journey into their connection unfolded through the mesmerizing allure of Kitty’s ass which caught their initial attention. Meanwhile, Kitty_Mischief was drawn in by Sirena's bouncy energy and charisma. They were eventually introduced by a mutual friend who discovered the two Puerto Ricans in the heart of DFW.  They quickly bonded over the irony of identical looking feet and ultimately captured each other's heart. 

Kitty_Mischief began her BDSM journey learning and enjoying various forms of bondage and sensory deprivation. Kitty once served as a submissive pet to a Mistress from Houston for about 5 years before leaning into her more dominant side. She is a well regarded femdom with experience with chastity, sounding, figging, fisting, edging, and cbt. In 2020 Kitty entered a mentorship with Sir Tressa and has become a successful fire top. She can regularly be seen at local and regional events volunteering and feeding her insatiable appetite for learning and lust. 

Sirena entered the community in 2019 and it was like finding a true fit that they could be a part of. They are well known to be a chaos-infused, creatively energetic, force of nature. It's Middle Daddy energy can be found enjoying their artful crafts of single-tails, needles, clowning around, and key holding.  Their talent for nurturing education has led them to teach at DFW Dungeon, OKLF 2022 and VISION 2024.  

Sirena and Kitty are contrasting ends of a scale. Sirena is a goblin of pure mayhem and Kitty is more reserved in her mischievousness. Their dynamic extends beyond the superficial as they've co-topped, co-bottomed, and frequently switched roles to accommodate each other's desires — a testament to the fluidity and strength of their connection in the world of BDSM.

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