Prussian Fire

Sir Prussian Fire (He/Him) is a pansexual, Father, Army Veteran and Leatherman.He has been in the Leather lifestyle since 2010.He considers himself a sadist and hedonist.He has been embedded in the Austin, Houston and Dallas community since 2010. Prior to and until 2014 he was serving in the United States Army.

From 2010 to 2020 he was identified as a Slave (capital on purpose) in relationships and Switch in play. In 2020 he began topping over and as of 2023 has begun the Masters path.He and His slave, Lucky, live in Houston Texas. In 2017 seeking more from Leather and wanting to dive into its origins he dove into the Motorcycle Club community for several years, where he found more similarities with Leather than he did to the military.

He has a strong passion for all elements of life with a special love for Fire and Blood.He believes that blood is very much the element of life and essence, and is a powerful conduit for energy and connection.He believes fire is the element that is ingrained in us to fear, but through what it destroys, it creates new life and purpose,He is a strong proponent of RACK, PRICK and SICK.He continues to share knowledge with all who are interested in learning. He has been teaching different perspectives and techniques for types of play in the aspects of fire, branding, cuttings, blood play, knife play, rough body play, breath play, musical scene alteration, rainbow play, HDO, primal play, CNC, Motorcycle Club Leather, and Stoicism in Leather.


The Bites and Growls of Primal M/s

Master/ slave relationships tend to follow an expected structure. However in our practice of M/s, we choose to depart from the norm in favor of a more animalistic and energetic primal hierarchy. This is not M/s that is freely given, it is earned and conquered everyday. Where the slave is free to challenge and the Master must answer in kind.

We will discuss how this dynamic relationship works and looks to us.

Anyone Smell Bacon?

Branding is a practice that has existed since ancient times for various purposes, and has evolved over the years to find its place in contemporary culture.

In this demo class, we will delve into the historical roots of branding, its cultural significance, and its modern application within BDSM. We will discuss and explore the history, psychology behind branding, explore different types of branding, understand safety concerns , and even witness a live brand demonstration.

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