Scarlett rose

Scarlett Rose (she/her) is the current Ms SouthEast LeatherFest. Her journey in the kink community began over 20 years ago in New York City. She started out as a quiet, shy submissive who wanted to learn seemingly everything that she could get her hands on. As she grew with in the community, who she was evolved and changed as it often does. Within kink, Scarlett found her origins, but it always felt like something was missing.

Leather’s sense of service and community was what had been missing from the kink part of her life. She started to put one foot in front of the other and walk along her leather path right away. Through the years, she has enjoyed getting to serve her community by helping to organize SELF, teaching classes in her local community and serving her partners to the best of her ability.

Scarlett identifies as a bi-sexual, polyamorous, owned babygirl switch with a service-based heart and a sadistic streak. Also, she may not have a foot fetish herself, but she definitely is a shoe whore so will indulge yours. Look out for the Louboutin’s!


Longing & Logistics: Lessons & Strategies for Long Distance Relationships

Not every M/s relationship gets to live together, and even when they do, sometimes things can keep them apart. Please join me as I share life experiences in long distance relationships. This class will cover keeping protocols from a distance and tools for communication and managing the emotional roller coaster. So, whether your partner lives in a different location, works on the road or off-shore, or goes on deployment, join me for this important discussion.

Babygirls in Charge

In most caregiver relationships, the Daddy or Mommy is the one in charge. However in rare cases, that balance of power is shifted and the little leads the relationship. This class will talk about how to help manage that balance of power and situations where that shift in power may actually be beneficial.


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