Roan is a gender-queer (they/them) pan, poly, sadomastic switch Leather person. They have been in the lifestyle 20+ years, semi-active in the DFW area for 9 of those years and found their home in Leather in 2022. They are currently a Pledge for The Lotus Wolf Clan out of Shreveport, Louisiana, a member of the House of Taz, and the Marketing Director for NLA-Dallas. Volunteering and education is what drives Roan to the core as giving back to the community has always been their place. They have volunteered in many kink places such as Beyond Vanilla, Vision, SPLF 22, Whips in the Woods and teaching at their local dungeon, the Infliction Hall. They also volunteer at local wildlife rescue, animal shelters, Veteran Assistant programs and food banks of America. Roan is an advocate and a safe place for many people in need including but not limited to - military veterans, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. They look forward to growing more in knowledge and in chosen family as they share space and a seat at the table with you.


The Red Cups are Cumming

Did you know that holistic medicine can be kinky? Red Cups are Cumming will take you back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptian practice of bloodletting and how it is used in today’s lifestyle. I will teach you how to do this safely and have fun with it.


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