Rev Angelique

Maria started her journey at a younger age and by stumbling into the kink/bdsm lifestyle, found structure and guidance that was really needed. As she grew in her own way, she learned of leather and has never looked back.

Since around 2009, she has taught single tails, fire play, and flogging at local dungeons for several groups, (fourth Friday, silk, freaky first Friday, and kink or bust.) as well as different events ( Kansas City Pride, Mr Missouri Leather, Route 66/ OKC Kink Weekend.) Maria was presented with her Sir's cap by Sir Lacey in 2014. In 2017, she came out as her true authentic self and has learned to lovingly embrace who she is. Since then she has been using her journey as a transgender woman to help others understand and learn the struggles and encounters she deals with on a daily basis. She can often be found volunteering her time and services at events. Eager to impart her knowledge, she encourages anyone who has interest or questions to feel free to approach her.


Let's Take a Crack at It

A 101 and 102 class on whips. Starting with a discussion on whip safety, the different types of whips, some of the different types of cracks, and answering any types of questions that the class would have. Then followed with a hands-on with the class for anyone that is wanting to learn how to throw whips or wanting a chance to practice.

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