P0ison Ivey and Cletus

P0isonIvey and Cletus

P0isonIvey (she/her) is a poly, queer, pagan, switchy educator with a passion for rope and a taste for the bloodier things in life. She is an active member of the DFW and Houston kink scenes, 1/3 Smoke and Mirrors Owner, and queer Leather Woman. Being drawn to a plethora of different kinks, she constantly works to see how she can combine all of her loves and interests together to create a wonderfully, sadistic mess. Her focus on kink education has propelled to her teaching extensively in the DFW area. As her play focuses on the more “taboo, sadistic, and “disgusting” kinks, she hopes to dispel fears, open eyes, and extract tears which sharing her unique style of Love and energy exchange.

Cletus (he/him) is a queer, poly, switch with a strong passion for rope and exploration. He is an kink educator with a desire to create more educational opportunities for all as well as encouraging and supporting those you desire to learn more.

Blood. Sex. Magick.

It’s what keeps us alive. It’s what contains every bit of who we are. Blood. Blood play can be one of the most intimate and beautiful types of play you can share with another individual.

The core of Magick is to bring about change as it conforms to Will. Although this will not directly reflect all of the teaching of Crowley, it will serve as a building block of information and demonstration.

In this class, we will delve into the woo, the sex, the intimacy, the primal energy, and the ultimate connection one can obtain from the beautiful art of blood play. We will also discuss how the combination of Energy and Will with Intention and Desire creates blood sex magick.

Skill level: Intermediate

Open Your Mouth While You Chew

Momma always said I couldn’t play with my food. But I’m an adult(ish) now so I do what I want! Food play has the ability to be so many things. Fun like jello wrestling, gross like fish guts, sadistic like wasabi, romantic like strawberries and whipped cream. In this class, we will discuss all of the above, as well as health and safety concerns, why food play is amazing, and how to incorporate it with other kinks.

Skill level: All

What do you do with a Little? - Intro to littles

There have been many times that I’ve heard “I just don’t know what to do with a little” and we are here to answer all of those questions as well as give suggestion for how one can care for and water their little. We will address everything from nap time to snacks, emotional support to physical assistance, diapers to onesies, and answer any questions you have about what to do with a little.

Skill level: All

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