Sir Mark Athens

Mark Athens

Athens is a Queer leatherman who leads a poly Master\slave house hold that focuses on personal growth, exploration, and service. Being born and raised in Kansas city, Athens is passionate about bar-bq, Chiefs football, and midwestern hospitality. Athens has been apart of the community at large since 2015 and has found a passion for engaging his local community as both a teacher and an erotic instigator.  Giving people permission to explore their most deviant sexual desire by coining the term, “Why the Fuck Not” and flagging orange left. Often seen in the Dungeon telling dad jokes, goofing off, and being highly energetic, only to be balanced by his sadistic smile and devilishly sinful play.  

Athens has served his local community and the community at large by serving on boards such as the Kansas City Pride Parade, Consent Kansas City Facilitator, and acting as a leather liaison with the Kansas City Ballroom Community. Athens is also a founding member of the Kansas City Bloodline Leather Family where he served for six years on their Leadership council. Being a member of local groups such as Alternative Humans Sexuality (AHS), Consent Kansas City, Kansas City Ballroom, and Titans of the Midwest. 

Athens regularly presents workshops on a wide range of workshops that center around edgeplay and practical application. He is most often sought out to teach workshops on Fire play, unique deprivation, and edge play. Often mixing his classes with hands-on experience, stories, and dad jokes, he leaves his students with a very unique experience that is both engaging and fun.

Mind the Gap

Ever fall for a silver haired fox with knowledge beyond your years? What about a hot young playmate with erotic energy for days? In this discussion we will transverse together the trials, hurdles, struggles and successes of age gap relationships. This will be a group discussion and will be an opportunity to learn from everyone in the room. facilitated by an over the top and comedic instructor where no topic is off limits. 

Feel Less to Feel More

The manipulation of a person’s senses has been a time tested way to establish control, increase pleasure or pain, and build trust. Whether you're a sensual top and bottom who seeks to increase the sensation of erogenous zones, or a sadistic top and masochistic bottom who wishes to inflict maximum pain with little effort, this class is for you!

In this class we will explore how to safely deaden one sense in order to hyperstimulate another sense increasing either pleasure or pain for your bottom to experience. We will be using low cost and readily available materials to teach how to play in this dynamic and versatile style of play.

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