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Mama Gail

Hi, I’m Gail (she/her). I’m a leatherwoman and kinkster that’s been kicking around the scene for a while. I’m known for my #LovingLeatherSpaces, and I hold the title of Women’s International Leather Legacy 2018. While my leather history began in the gay male bar scene, these days I find that I’m more drawn to women and trans inclusive queer centered spaces. I enjoy a great conversation and hearing what you’re passionate about. I’m low-key and go with the flow, but I do have a wicked kink streak that is snarky AF. My mind is absolute filth.


What Consent Really Looks Like

**CW:** Consent Violation / Sexual Assault
Talking about consent and negotiation is foundational to all in the BDSM community. But what does that look like in LIVE ACTION?
Join us as Mama Gail (and her consensual demo bottom) show us how to give/gain consent throughout a scene, and where things cross a line. There will be a short demo, discussion about what occurred in the demo, followed by open discussion about other potential scenarios where consent is given or violated.
Whether you are brand new, or you’ve been kinking for decades, there are nuances in this demo that everyone can learn to be a safer, consensual player.
*Consent and Personal Safety/Responsibility: This demo and discussion includes Consent Violation / Sexual Assault content. Self-care and consent are of the utmost importance, so you won’t be asked to do anything without your consent. You will not be peer-pressured to participate, and you won’t offend anyone by leaving at any time.

Rope for Every BODY

Mama Gail strongly believes in creating more accessibility to various types of play, but especially rope. This class educates on how to play around everything from mobility issues to emotional challenges – for both the top and bottom. Everyone that wants to experience rope should have that opportunity. Let’s eliminate the stereotypes, body shaming, gender preffing, etc. stuff that really just gets in the way of a great time among consenting play partners.

Active participation is not required in this class. This one is rope centered, but the ideas are universal in all types of play, and anyone can benefit.

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