Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Her Royal Highness SourPatch (she/her) is a demisexual Brat (with a capital B) and switch. SourPatch failed miserably to keep her mouth shut as an s-type and now embraces being the center of attention and finding trouble wherever she goes. She naturally fell into an M/s dynamic with her Daddy, Metalbyte, when they first met during a 3 am pancake run after a local munch; the rest was history. SourPatch takes pleasure in having run of the house and being an “Alpha slave” who bosses others around.

SourPatch has been an active member in her local community since 2016 and currently serves as the leader of East Texas TNG and Little Scouts Troop 903. As an educator, she has been able to teach on mind fuckery and ethical bratting, and facilitates discussions for new members to grow in their own journey.


Sensual Mindfuckery

Mind fuckery is a form of power exchange that allows the bottom’s mind to travel to new places and create their own narrative. But how can that be done without inducing fear? It is still possible to tantalize and tease the mind without scaring the bottom in the process.

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