Ms Pepsi (she/her) is a mischevious top and covered Master. She entered the community in the 70s as a submissive at a very young age, where she worked to learn and develop her skills as much as she could. She found the community whilst spending time as a military wife and has since found what she calls "home". She has over 30 years of experience and she is a Mentor and an educator amongst the community. Her classes varying from CBT to Tormenting for Pleasure. She is always happy to provide a mischievous twist to the mix. She always encourages newcomers to listen to stories of the long standing members of the community but also to march to the beat of their own drum. Much like her name implies she enjoys a good iced Pepsi cola and a nice submissive to sit at her feet. Ms Pepsi is always happiest when surrounded by friends and family. She is happy to regale you with an anecdote or memory of her journey, if you ask nicely.

Tormenting For My Pleasure

I like being mischievous with a bottom. I want to show you how to as well. Come with me and watch them beg and wiggle as I torment them both mentally and physically using ALL the arsenal available to me. You would be surprised what I keep in my toy bag. Squirming is not a safeword. 

P0isonIvey (she/her) is a poly, queer, pagan, switchy educator with a passion for rope and a taste for the bloodier things in life. She is an active member of the DFW and Houston kink scenes, 1/3 Smoke and Mirrors Owner, and queer Leather Woman. Being drawn to a plethora of different kinks, she constantly works to see how she can combine all of her loves and interests together to create a wonderfully, sadistic mess. Her focus on kink education has propelled to her teaching extensively in the DFW area. As her play focuses on the more “taboo, sadistic, and “disgusting” kinks, she hopes to dispel fears, open eyes, and extract tears which sharing her unique style of Love and energy exchange.

Cletus (he/him) is a queer, poly, switch with a strong passion for rope and exploration. He is an kink educator with a desire to create more educational opportunities for all as well as encouraging and supporting those you desire to learn more.

Blood. Sex. Magick.

It’s what keeps us alive. It’s what contains every bit of who we are. Blood. Blood play can be one of the most intimate and beautiful types of play you can share with another individual.

The core of Magick is to bring about change as it conforms to Will. Although this will not directly reflect all of the teaching of Crowley, it will serve as a building block of information and demonstration.

In this class, we will delve into the woo, the sex, the intimacy, the primal energy, and the ultimate connection one can obtain from the beautiful art of blood play. We will also discuss how the combination of Energy and Will with Intention and Desire creates blood sex magick.

Skill level: Intermediate

Open Your Mouth While You Chew

Momma always said I couldn’t play with my food. But I’m an adult(ish) now so I do what I want! Food play has the ability to be so many things. Fun like jello wrestling, gross like fish guts, sadistic like wasabi, romantic like strawberries and whipped cream. In this class, we will discuss all of the above, as well as health and safety concerns, why food play is amazing, and how to incorporate it with other kinks.

Skill level: All

What do you do with a Little? - Intro to littles

There have been many times that I’ve heard “I just don’t know what to do with a little” and we are here to answer all of those questions as well as give suggestion for how one can care for and water their little. We will address everything from nap time to snacks, emotional support to physical assistance, diapers to onesies, and answer any questions you have about what to do with a little.

Skill level: All

Athens is a Queer leatherman who leads a poly Master\slave house hold that focuses on personal growth, exploration, and service. Being born and raised in Kansas city, Athens is passionate about bar-bq, Chiefs football, and midwestern hospitality. Athens has been apart of the community at large since 2015 and has found a passion for engaging his local community as both a teacher and an erotic instigator.  Giving people permission to explore their most deviant sexual desire by coining the term, “Why the Fuck Not” and flagging orange left. Often seen in the Dungeon telling dad jokes, goofing off, and being highly energetic, only to be balanced by his sadistic smile and devilishly sinful play.  

Athens has served his local community and the community at large by serving on boards such as the Kansas City Pride Parade, Consent Kansas City Facilitator, and acting as a leather liaison with the Kansas City Ballroom Community. Athens is also a founding member of the Kansas City Bloodline Leather Family where he served for six years on their Leadership council. Being a member of local groups such as Alternative Humans Sexuality (AHS), Consent Kansas City, Kansas City Ballroom, and Titans of the Midwest. 

Athens regularly presents workshops on a wide range of workshops that center around edgeplay and practical application. He is most often sought out to teach workshops on Fire play, unique deprivation, and edge play. Often mixing his classes with hands-on experience, stories, and dad jokes, he leaves his students with a very unique experience that is both engaging and fun.

Mind the Gap

Ever fall for a silver haired fox with knowledge beyond your years? What about a hot young playmate with erotic energy for days? In this discussion we will transverse together the trials, hurdles, struggles and successes of age gap relationships. This will be a group discussion and will be an opportunity to learn from everyone in the room. facilitated by an over the top and comedic instructor where no topic is off limits. 

Feel Less to Feel More

The manipulation of a person’s senses has been a time tested way to establish control, increase pleasure or pain, and build trust. Whether you're a sensual top and bottom who seeks to increase the sensation of erogenous zones, or a sadistic top and masochistic bottom who wishes to inflict maximum pain with little effort, this class is for you!

In this class we will explore how to safely deaden one sense in order to hyperstimulate another sense increasing either pleasure or pain for your bottom to experience. We will be using low cost and readily available materials to teach how to play in this dynamic and versatile style of play.

Aiden has been a member of the Leather community since about 2013. During his/their journey as a leather person, he/they has identified as a Bootblack, Little boy, Slave, and switch. Of the accomplishments he/they has been able to achieve, winning Route 66 Bootblack 2020 was one of the proudest moments in his/their life. After winning their title currently they hold the title Viscount for The United Court of the Lone Star Empire for Reign 46, Soles with a cause, and is a proud Patriarch of House Valkyre. He/they coproduces the South Plains big and littles title with Jbaby, and started Partners of Trans People DFW, a group that helps to support the partners of trans people as they start and go through their journey.   


During our round table discussion, we will be discussing the many different varieties and styles of non-monogamous relationships; from kitchen table polyamory, to relationship anarchy, to being a monogamous partner to a polyamorous person. We will also go over a brief history of some of the various forms of non monogamy. This class will also cover the styles of communication that have worked for our polyamorous unit in the past, along with the styles of communication that have not. During our time together we will also go over the red flags we look for in a potential partner for ourselves, and what red flags we look for in potential metamours (partners for our partners.) **Get the definitions in while you can!**

We will also delve into the advantages and disadvantages of polyamory vs monogamy. How do you feel ethical non-monogamy has changed your lives? 

WrathDaddy is the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Heartland Person of Leather, a horror and erotica author, former heavyweight kickboxing champion, former MMA trainer, former owner and proprietor of The Bacchanal, and a badass motherfucker who enjoys doing badass shit with other badass motherfuckers. 

WrathDaddy has been a full-time and active member of Austin’s BDSM community since 2013, though he has been in and out of the kink community since 1991. Since then he has been a board member at large for GWNN (Group With No Name) one of Austin's oldest and largest BDSM groups, from 2015 through 2016, co-chairman of the GWNN Bash in 2015 and 2016, a mentor in the Austin Mentor's Program, Diversity Lead for Flame Conference 2021, and has presented workshops for SAADE, GWNN, Desert Dominion, Wicked Grounds, Flame Conference, Threshold, AHS Kansas City, and other local and national groups on topics ranging from the Daddy Dom/ baby girl dynamic to rough-body play, Diversity and Inclusion, knife-play, and Chokes for Sex and Submission. In 2019 he was a judge for the first Leather Littles competition at Show Me Leather. 

He is the author of Kinky Adult Bedtime Stories (For littles, babygirls, and bois) and All The Kinky Kinksters From A to Z, as well as the erotic horror novels 400 Days of Oppression, Master of Pain, and the BDSM dark romance novel, Fight For Me, the poetry and short story collections: Cupid In Bondage, If You Died Tomorrow I Would Eat Your Corpse, and many others.

The Sadistic Art of Eight Limbs, Rough Body Play from a Muay Thai Perspective

There are many different styles of rough body play, largely dependent upon the original martial arts style of the person doing it. Recent years have seen MMA, Krav Maga, and Jujitsu enter the realm of kink. Here I will teach you how to use your fists, elbows, knees, and feet/shins to cause intimate and intense pain, and leave the most lovely bruises.

The Dance of Steel and Skin: Erotic Knife-Play!

Learn how to make a hot, sexy, scary knife play scene that will leave your bottom quivering with fear and arousal without spilling a drop of blood.

Ursus is a leather daddy bootblack who won South Central Community Bootblack in 2020. He is pansexual and married to his lovely wife Laurel. His has been kinky for  two decades and enjoys single tails, needles, canes, and rough body play, not to mention bootblacking. He learned to do piercings before he even knew about kink, and has worked off and on at different shops throughout Texas. The love, history, and sexyness he sees in others' leather turns him on and drives him in his pursuit of bootblacking. When not bootblacking or at leather events, Ursus enjoys tabletop RPGs, board games,  video games,, and disc golf.

Wearable Piercings

 Play piercings have become more and more popular over the years. It has gone beyond pleasure and pain and has taken on an aspect of art. In this class Ursus will show safe methods to artistically create, and modify, play piercings and turn them into wearable works of art!

Erotic Bootblacking

Many people love the feeling when a bootblack really gets into their craft and turns a simple shine into a memorable experience. In this class Ursus will show you some tips and tricks to take the experience from simply sitting for you into an erotic exploration of another's body while still taking care of their leather. This class is open to anyone, not just bootblacks.

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