Scarlett rose

Scarlett Rose (she/her) is the current Ms SouthEast LeatherFest. Her journey in the kink community began over 20 years ago in New York City. She started out as a quiet, shy submissive who wanted to learn seemingly everything that she could get her hands on. As she grew with in the community, who she was evolved and changed as it often does. Within kink, Scarlett found her origins, but it always felt like something was missing.

Leather’s sense of service and community was what had been missing from the kink part of her life. She started to put one foot in front of the other and walk along her leather path right away. Through the years, she has enjoyed getting to serve her community by helping to organize SELF, teaching classes in her local community and serving her partners to the best of her ability.

Scarlett identifies as a bi-sexual, polyamorous, owned babygirl switch with a service-based heart and a sadistic streak. Also, she may not have a foot fetish herself, but she definitely is a shoe whore so will indulge yours. Look out for the Louboutin’s!


Longing & Logistics: Lessons & Strategies for Long Distance Relationships

Not every M/s relationship gets to live together, and even when they do, sometimes things can keep them apart. Please join me as I share life experiences in long distance relationships. This class will cover keeping protocols from a distance and tools for communication and managing the emotional roller coaster. So, whether your partner lives in a different location, works on the road or off-shore, or goes on deployment, join me for this important discussion.

Babygirls in Charge

In most caregiver relationships, the Daddy or Mommy is the one in charge. However in rare cases, that balance of power is shifted and the little leads the relationship. This class will talk about how to help manage that balance of power and situations where that shift in power may actually be beneficial.



Prussian Fire

Sir Prussian Fire (He/Him) is a pansexual, Father, Army Veteran and Leatherman.He has been in the Leather lifestyle since 2010.He considers himself a sadist and hedonist.He has been embedded in the Austin, Houston and Dallas community since 2010. Prior to and until 2014 he was serving in the United States Army.

From 2010 to 2020 he was identified as a Slave (capital on purpose) in relationships and Switch in play. In 2020 he began topping over and as of 2023 has begun the Masters path.He and His slave, Lucky, live in Houston Texas. In 2017 seeking more from Leather and wanting to dive into its origins he dove into the Motorcycle Club community for several years, where he found more similarities with Leather than he did to the military.

He has a strong passion for all elements of life with a special love for Fire and Blood.He believes that blood is very much the element of life and essence, and is a powerful conduit for energy and connection.He believes fire is the element that is ingrained in us to fear, but through what it destroys, it creates new life and purpose,He is a strong proponent of RACK, PRICK and SICK.He continues to share knowledge with all who are interested in learning. He has been teaching different perspectives and techniques for types of play in the aspects of fire, branding, cuttings, blood play, knife play, rough body play, breath play, musical scene alteration, rainbow play, HDO, primal play, CNC, Motorcycle Club Leather, and Stoicism in Leather.


The Bites and Growls of Primal M/s

Master/ slave relationships tend to follow an expected structure. However in our practice of M/s, we choose to depart from the norm in favor of a more animalistic and energetic primal hierarchy. This is not M/s that is freely given, it is earned and conquered everyday. Where the slave is free to challenge and the Master must answer in kind.

We will discuss how this dynamic relationship works and looks to us.

Anyone Smell Bacon?

Branding is a practice that has existed since ancient times for various purposes, and has evolved over the years to find its place in contemporary culture.

In this demo class, we will delve into the historical roots of branding, its cultural significance, and its modern application within BDSM. We will discuss and explore the history, psychology behind branding, explore different types of branding, understand safety concerns , and even witness a live brand demonstration.


Rev Angelique

Maria started her journey at a younger age and by stumbling into the kink/bdsm lifestyle, found structure and guidance that was really needed. As she grew in her own way, she learned of leather and has never looked back.

Since around 2009, she has taught single tails, fire play, and flogging at local dungeons for several groups, (fourth Friday, silk, freaky first Friday, and kink or bust.) as well as different events ( Kansas City Pride, Mr Missouri Leather, Route 66/ OKC Kink Weekend.) Maria was presented with her Sir's cap by Sir Lacey in 2014. In 2017, she came out as her true authentic self and has learned to lovingly embrace who she is. Since then she has been using her journey as a transgender woman to help others understand and learn the struggles and encounters she deals with on a daily basis. She can often be found volunteering her time and services at events. Eager to impart her knowledge, she encourages anyone who has interest or questions to feel free to approach her.


Let's Take a Crack at It

A 101 and 102 class on whips. Starting with a discussion on whip safety, the different types of whips, some of the different types of cracks, and answering any types of questions that the class would have. Then followed with a hands-on with the class for anyone that is wanting to learn how to throw whips or wanting a chance to practice.



Roan is a gender-queer (they/them) pan, poly, sadomastic switch Leather person. They have been in the lifestyle 20+ years, semi-active in the DFW area for 9 of those years and found their home in Leather in 2022. They are currently a Pledge for The Lotus Wolf Clan out of Shreveport, Louisiana, a member of the House of Taz, and the Marketing Director for NLA-Dallas. Volunteering and education is what drives Roan to the core as giving back to the community has always been their place. They have volunteered in many kink places such as Beyond Vanilla, Vision, SPLF 22, Whips in the Woods and teaching at their local dungeon, the Infliction Hall. They also volunteer at local wildlife rescue, animal shelters, Veteran Assistant programs and food banks of America. Roan is an advocate and a safe place for many people in need including but not limited to - military veterans, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC. They look forward to growing more in knowledge and in chosen family as they share space and a seat at the table with you.


“Aaaand Scene”

This class focuses on aftercare and the importance of the negotiations of it. As the title of this class states, after care is done after the scene is over and called, right? I mean, after all, it's called AFTER care. Only bottoms need after care right? You only need it for heavy scenes right? Wrong. Attend my class and understand why!

The Red Cups are Cumming

Did you know that holistic medicine can be kinky? Red Cups are Cumming will take you back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptian practice of bloodletting and how it is used in today’s lifestyle. I will teach you how to do this safely and have fun with it.




Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Her Royal Highness SourPatch (she/her) is a demisexual Brat (with a capital B) and switch. SourPatch failed miserably to keep her mouth shut as an s-type and now embraces being the center of attention and finding trouble wherever she goes. She naturally fell into an M/s dynamic with her Daddy, Metalbyte, when they first met during a 3 am pancake run after a local munch; the rest was history. SourPatch takes pleasure in having run of the house and being an “Alpha slave” who bosses others around.

SourPatch has been an active member in her local community since 2016 and currently serves as the leader of East Texas TNG and Little Scouts Troop 903. As an educator, she has been able to teach on mind fuckery and ethical bratting, and facilitates discussions for new members to grow in their own journey.


Sensual Mindfuckery

Mind fuckery is a form of power exchange that allows the bottom’s mind to travel to new places and create their own narrative. But how can that be done without inducing fear? It is still possible to tantalize and tease the mind without scaring the bottom in the process.

Copy of Sir Leo


Leo found his path in life learning to live radically and authentically in 1988. He is returning from a sabbatical and is eager to get back to serving others in the leather and kink community.
Leo’s passion for piercing, body modification, and other manipulations of the flesh knows no bounds. He is always eager to share his knowledge with others, from basics to intensives to one-on-one mentoring and sacred rituals. He is especially passionate about topics such as service, protocol, blood play, energy, recovering from addiction, and emphasizing practical applications. Leo is an educator at heart and has been educating since 1997, and is also the founder and owner of Beyond Piercing.
Many would tell you that Leo is approachable, straightforward, kind, innovative, and able to teach folx from wherever they may be in their journey. He is Leather, spiritually focused, Master, heavy sadist, disabled, and trans-masculine identified. He believes that learning is a lifelong process and is constantly seeking new experiences. Leo enjoys that every day he is given the opportunity to remember that he is human and laughs at himself often.


Nailed It!

Do you want to learn how to dig in and put them in their place? Titties and scrotums that is. Whether you want to learn to apply it or be a voyeur in experiencing the intensity of using a hammer and nails through the flesh.

Intertwining Kink and Spirituality

Curious about the intersectionality of kink and spirituality? We ask that you come with an open mind and be willing to look inside your own experiences while accepting and owning them. Welcome home to "you" where we integrate the sacred and profane.

The Romance of Being Non-Romantic

Despite the massive shifts in how our culture understands human relationships and sexuality, power dynamic relationships are often assumed to possess elements of sex and romance. Sex is considered by many to be a necessary element of BDSM and power dynamics, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In “The Romance of Being Non-Romantic,” Leo engages attendees in a discussion that redefines “romance” and “sex” and shares how fulfulling non-romantic power dynamics can be! This class aims to validate attendees and others who design their dynamics in ways that work and honor themselves rather than outside observers. This class welcomes anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or relationship status!

Copy of Ms Velvet Steele Master Todd

Miss Velvet Steele & Master Todd

Miss Velvet Steele (she/her) is a dominant, cisgender, heteroflexible Leatherwoman with a penchant for electricity, scalpels, and needles. She is the proud owner of her slave, Master Todd (he/him.) They share a passion for Master/slave relationships that are built on service, commitment, and love. In the dungeon, they enjoy all manner of sharp and pointy things. As educators, they enjoy making folks think and long-held assumptions and hope to inspire reexamination of your beliefs. Miss Velvet currently serves on the board of NLA-Dallas, volunteers for the Mentors Program, and is part of the Beyond Vanilla planning committee. Master Todd is honored to have served as the 2013 Southwest Master and currently serves as the Regional Director for the Southwest Region of MAsT International. As educators, they enjoy making folks think and long-held assumptions and hope to inspire reexamination of your beliefs.


Speculums, Sounds, and Scalpels, Oh My! Infiltrating the Mind and Body with Medical Play

Not just playing doctor in the dungeon, medical play encompasses a wide array of play styles, toys, and activities. Medical play is much more than violating existing (or freshly made) orifices, and when done correctly, it offers a way to deepen the intimate connection that occurs when we exchange power. In this presentation, Miss Velvet Steele and Master Todd will discuss a variety of play ideas. Class will conclude (time permitting) with a cutting demonstration to satisfy your, and their, bloodlust.

Building Your Kinky Character Sheet

You know you’re an expert flogger, or perhaps tea service is your jam; but have you considered how your own unique mixture of background, experiences, and personality traits are part of what you have to offer? Have you ever thought about how these combine with our values, skills, and life obligations to form our kink identity? In this class, we will use the paradigm of the character sheet to help us take a look at how the elements of our personal foundation inform our availability as a partner and community member.

Mama Gail pic 2022

Mama Gail

Hi, I’m Gail (she/her). I’m a leatherwoman and kinkster that’s been kicking around the scene for a while. I’m known for my #LovingLeatherSpaces, and I hold the title of Women’s International Leather Legacy 2018. While my leather history began in the gay male bar scene, these days I find that I’m more drawn to women and trans inclusive queer centered spaces. I enjoy a great conversation and hearing what you’re passionate about. I’m low-key and go with the flow, but I do have a wicked kink streak that is snarky AF. My mind is absolute filth.


What Consent Really Looks Like

**CW:** Consent Violation / Sexual Assault
Talking about consent and negotiation is foundational to all in the BDSM community. But what does that look like in LIVE ACTION?
Join us as Mama Gail (and her consensual demo bottom) show us how to give/gain consent throughout a scene, and where things cross a line. There will be a short demo, discussion about what occurred in the demo, followed by open discussion about other potential scenarios where consent is given or violated.
Whether you are brand new, or you’ve been kinking for decades, there are nuances in this demo that everyone can learn to be a safer, consensual player.
*Consent and Personal Safety/Responsibility: This demo and discussion includes Consent Violation / Sexual Assault content. Self-care and consent are of the utmost importance, so you won’t be asked to do anything without your consent. You will not be peer-pressured to participate, and you won’t offend anyone by leaving at any time.

Rope for Every BODY

Mama Gail strongly believes in creating more accessibility to various types of play, but especially rope. This class educates on how to play around everything from mobility issues to emotional challenges – for both the top and bottom. Everyone that wants to experience rope should have that opportunity. Let’s eliminate the stereotypes, body shaming, gender preffing, etc. stuff that really just gets in the way of a great time among consenting play partners.

Active participation is not required in this class. This one is rope centered, but the ideas are universal in all types of play, and anyone can benefit.

Copy of Bubbles KitKatAnn

Doctor Bubbles & Kit Kat Ann

met at Beyond Vanilla in 2018, and found a kindred spirit in each other. Since then, they have gone from playmates to close friends, and eventually established an M/s dynamic and romantic partnership together. Their dynamic is based on mutual respect and trust, self improvement, a dedication to increasing knowledge, and helping improve the world around them. Together, they enjoy teaching others in what they have learned from their time in the scene. In 2021, the two of them earned the Texas Power Exchange title at Beyond Vanilla XXX. Since then, they have represented Texas at the International Power Exchange competition at Beyond Leather in Florida, as well as teaching at various events and conventions on their unique power exchange dynamic.

“The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place.” – Helen Keller


Breathless: Breath Play Basics

First, let’s understand that Breath Play is one of the most dangerous forms of edgeplay in BDSM. As such, this is not a beginner class; it is a class for those who have a good basis in Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Breath play is not and will never be completely safe… but we can minimize the risk of things going wrong.

In this class, Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann go into mitigating the inherent risks of Breath Play through education, preparation, and planning for emergencies. We will go into how to prep for a scene, physical factors that increase or decrease risk, how to prepare for the worst, and how to ease into breath play. Finally, Doc and Kitkat will demo a few techniques that deliver the enjoyment of breath play while also keeping risks to a minimum. We will not be covering chokes or chokeholds covered in Rough Body Play classes, but discussing how to limit oxygen flow to the bottom.

Scare Tactics: An Overview of Fear Play

Fear is one of the primal emotions that we have as human beings. It is a triggered response to danger, an instinct rooted so deep in our minds that it is with us every day of our lives. So as kinksters, what do we do with such a potent sensation?

Why, we play with it, of course!

Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann will open with a discussion on why we are drawn to fear play despite its label as a form of edge play. Afterwards, they will break down fear triggers into its fundamental parts, demonstrating how to craft an effective fear play scene in a consensual, risk aware manner.


Beast & Echo

Born in Germany to German and Lakota parents, Beast (He/Him) is a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a Master, a teacher, and a student. Among his many interests, Beast is a rigger and ropemaker, pyromancer, biker, bodybuilder, musician, and Cigar enthusiast. He is an event producer, live cast host, impassioned educator, and ardent community volunteer.

echo (she/they) was born and raised in England and has been here in the U.S. for just over 8 years. She’s a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherwoman, a slave, switch, event producer, community organizer, and a fucker of minds. echo recently became a parent to Wicket and Cricket the sugar gliders and spends much of her spare time crocheting. She is passionate about mindset/relationship skills, and sociocultural theory.

Beast and echo are honored to represent the International Master/slave Title for 2022! The Southwest region as 2021 Southwest Master/slave and Colorado Master/slave 2019 - 21. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 children in beautiful Colorado. While they love safely connecting with others in-person whenever possible, they are thrilled to have found ways to connect with kinky, Leather, and M/s folks around the world through online conferences, classes, and other virtual points of connection.

They enjoy sharing with and learning from others and have found a storytelling style that allows them to share triumphs and mistakes with honesty, transparency, and humor.



Some play is fun, some is sensual, some is intense, some play is a mind-fuck, and some is a bit terrifying. Sounding can be all of those things wrapped up in one. If you can overcome the common initial reaction of, "you wanna put what? where? why??" you may discover an amazing sensory experience, and often the most intense orgasms of your life, as the sounds pass right through the internal anatomic structures of both the clitoris and the g-spot. Sounding is intensely amazing, and Beast will walk you through the mechanics of it, as well demonstrate how much fun these scenes can be for both the top and bottom.

Moments that Matter

Sometimes Moments that Matter Sometimes, everything comes together just right to create a perfect moment; one that shapes our life, provides direction and meaning, or cements a lasting memory. Many of us spend much of our lives chasing those moments. Imagine being able to intentionally create and craft these moments within your relationships, dynamics, and your Leather and kink experience. In this session, Beast (he/him) and echo (she/they) will share their approach to curating these moments and provide the tools necessary for you to take the lead in crafting moments that matter to you

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