Amara & Pup Tink


As a slave and Leather woman with a background from the county, being queer, and all her siblings being boys. Amara has had some difficulties finding fulfillment in just one role. Amara earnestly started her journey in Leather and the kink community in the early 2000s, serving as a volunteer, a graduate of the Dallas submissive Mentors Program, a member of National LeatherAlliance-D, a member of the STAFF, and a volunteer and committee for Beyond Vanilla.

Tinker has struggled to find a place where she fits in, as a submissive and pup with a background of being 1st generation American and a city girl. Though her journey did not actually start until early 2016, she strives to be the most helpful pup around. Tinker has served as a volunteer at South Plains Leather Fest and Beyond Vanilla, a graduate of the Dallas submissive Mentors Program, as well as a member of the STAFF.

After approximately 7 years of pitfalls and speed bumps, with a stint in maintaining a long-distance relationship, Amara and Tinker believe they make a pretty good match. They also feel they have acquired enough knowledge to understand that; First and foremost, they have not, do not, and will not know everything that there is to know. Secondly, that puppy is alfa. They have a heart of service and education is supremely important. As Trainor and pup, Amara and Tinker strive to be good listeners and participants in their community.

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