Aiden Storm

Aiden has been a member of the Leather community since about 2013. During his/their journey as a leather person, he/they has identified as a Bootblack, Little boy, Slave, and switch. Of the accomplishments he/they has been able to achieve, winning Route 66 Bootblack 2020 was one of the proudest moments in his/their life. After winning their title currently they hold the title Viscount for The United Court of the Lone Star Empire for Reign 46, Soles with a cause, and is a proud Patriarch of House Valkyre. He/they coproduces the South Plains big and littles title with Jbaby, and started Partners of Trans People DFW, a group that helps to support the partners of trans people as they start and go through their journey.   


During our round table discussion, we will be discussing the many different varieties and styles of non-monogamous relationships; from kitchen table polyamory, to relationship anarchy, to being a monogamous partner to a polyamorous person. We will also go over a brief history of some of the various forms of non monogamy. This class will also cover the styles of communication that have worked for our polyamorous unit in the past, along with the styles of communication that have not. During our time together we will also go over the red flags we look for in a potential partner for ourselves, and what red flags we look for in potential metamours (partners for our partners.) **Get the definitions in while you can!**

We will also delve into the advantages and disadvantages of polyamory vs monogamy. How do you feel ethical non-monogamy has changed your lives? 

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