2023 Presenters


Leo found his path in life learning to live radically and authentically in 1988. He is returning from a sabbatical and is eager to get back to serving others in the leather and kink community. Leo’s passion for piercing, body modification, and other manipulations of the flesh knows no bounds. He is always eager to …

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Miss Velvet Steele & Master Todd

Miss Velvet Steele & Master Todd Miss Velvet Steele (she/her) is a dominant, cisgender, heteroflexible Leatherwoman with a penchant for electricity, scalpels, and needles. She is the proud owner of her slave, Master Todd (he/him.) They share a passion for Master/slave relationships that are built on service, commitment, and love. In the dungeon, they enjoy …

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Mama Gail

Mama Gail Hi, I’m Gail (she/her). I’m a leatherwoman and kinkster that’s been kicking around the scene for a while. I’m known for my #LovingLeatherSpaces, and I hold the title of Women’s International Leather Legacy 2018. While my leather history began in the gay male bar scene, these days I find that I’m more drawn …

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Beast & Echo

Beast & Echo Born in Germany to German and Lakota parents, Beast (He/Him) is a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a Master, a teacher, and a student. Among his many interests, Beast is a rigger and ropemaker, pyromancer, biker, bodybuilder, musician, and Cigar enthusiast. He is an event producer, live cast host, impassioned educator, and ardent community …

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TC began his journey in 1987 and has never looked back. He was honored to receive his Masters Cover in December 2015. He is the head of House Cyclone that he started in 2011. House Cyclone is a brother house to Leather Heart Clan. Currently, TC is a board member of MAsT-DFW, a Member at …

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Sir Alice

Sir Alice is a poly, queer, sadistic Leather woman from Dallas, Texas. She has been active in the Dallas community since 2016. While she adores body bags, knives and canes, her view of play is do whatever the heck is in your risk profile! Alice currently holds the education title, Ms. Route 66 Leather, 2022. …

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