Beast & Echo

Born in Germany to German and Lakota parents, Beast (He/Him) is a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a Master, a teacher, and a student. Among his many interests, Beast is a rigger and ropemaker, pyromancer, biker, bodybuilder, musician, and Cigar enthusiast. He is an event producer, live cast host, impassioned educator, and ardent community volunteer.

echo (she/they) was born and raised in England and has been here in the U.S. for just over 8 years. She’s a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherwoman, a slave, switch, event producer, community organizer, and a fucker of minds. echo recently became a parent to Wicket and Cricket the sugar gliders and spends much of her spare time crocheting. She is passionate about mindset/relationship skills, and sociocultural theory.

Beast and echo are honored to represent the International Master/slave Title for 2022! The Southwest region as 2021 Southwest Master/slave and Colorado Master/slave 2019 - 21. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 children in beautiful Colorado. While they love safely connecting with others in-person whenever possible, they are thrilled to have found ways to connect with kinky, Leather, and M/s folks around the world through online conferences, classes, and other virtual points of connection.

They enjoy sharing with and learning from others and have found a storytelling style that allows them to share triumphs and mistakes with honesty, transparency, and humor.



Some play is fun, some is sensual, some is intense, some play is a mind-fuck, and some is a bit terrifying. Sounding can be all of those things wrapped up in one. If you can overcome the common initial reaction of, "you wanna put what? where? why??" you may discover an amazing sensory experience, and often the most intense orgasms of your life, as the sounds pass right through the internal anatomic structures of both the clitoris and the g-spot. Sounding is intensely amazing, and Beast will walk you through the mechanics of it, as well demonstrate how much fun these scenes can be for both the top and bottom.

Moments that Matter

Sometimes Moments that Matter Sometimes, everything comes together just right to create a perfect moment; one that shapes our life, provides direction and meaning, or cements a lasting memory. Many of us spend much of our lives chasing those moments. Imagine being able to intentionally create and craft these moments within your relationships, dynamics, and your Leather and kink experience. In this session, Beast (he/him) and echo (she/they) will share their approach to curating these moments and provide the tools necessary for you to take the lead in crafting moments that matter to you

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