Master Pepsi

Ms Pepsi (she/her) is a mischevious top and covered Master. She entered the community in the 70s as a submissive at a very young age, where she worked to learn and develop her skills as much as she could. She found the community whilst spending time as a military wife and has since found what she calls "home". She has over 30 years of experience and she is a Mentor and an educator amongst the community. Her classes varying from CBT to Tormenting for Pleasure. She is always happy to provide a mischievous twist to the mix. She always encourages newcomers to listen to stories of the long standing members of the community but also to march to the beat of their own drum. Much like her name implies she enjoys a good iced Pepsi cola and a nice submissive to sit at her feet. Ms Pepsi is always happiest when surrounded by friends and family. She is happy to regale you with an anecdote or memory of her journey, if you ask nicely.

Tormenting For My Pleasure

I like being mischievous with a bottom. I want to show you how to as well. Come with me and watch them beg and wiggle as I torment them both mentally and physically using ALL the arsenal available to me. You would be surprised what I keep in my toy bag. Squirming is not a safeword. 

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