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Vision 2022

January 8, 2022: A Day of Intense Learning

Vision is a Leather intensive for ALL people in Leather. We are not gender exclusionary; we welcome you in all your leather splendor! We respect that Leather is not just a material but the strength of someone’s heart. We encourage Littles in Leather, Primal, people with no actual leather clothing, latex lovers, rope bunnies… anyone who has a desire and the heart to take a journey on the leather path. With these -and more- people in leather in mind is why the dream that was Vision became a reality.

Vision is an intensive based out of Shreveport, Louisiana and is open to all people, from any location, who are hungry and seek to find a place that accepts them as they are.


EARLY BIRD PRICING UNTIL OCTOBER 7, 2021!!!  $35 per person

Tickets grant you entry to the event and includes the Meet and Greet with presenters (with finger foods!),  play party space and lunch and dinner on the 8th. $50 per person

We understand times are hard for some and we still greatly encourage you to attend. If you can not purchase a ticket at this time, please press the "contact us" button and we will secure a scholarship for your attendance! We want everyone to have the ability to join us and we hope that you join us for this and all of the future intensives!

Check back on the schedule closer to the event!

"The team made all of the presenters feel like they were at home and super welcomed."


"Great people working together ❤.   Title holder presenters along with non Title holders."

Master Pepsi

"An intimate space that lent itself to both educational and community uplifting which was greatly appreciated."


"Top notch cutting edge classes. Best production team to work with."

Bootblack Mark

"A beautiful opportunity for many minds to come and learn together with an accepting atmosphere for everyone on their journey."


"The organizers of this event did an incredible job of bringing in national and qualified presenters to teach classes that the attendees wanted and could relate to. “Always leave them wanting more” really applies as I can’t wait for the 2021 event!"

Danielle Grey

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